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Being raised in rural Virginia, becoming a rapper was the last thing anyone expected I would succeed at. My Dad is a bluegrass musician and my Mom sings in the praise and worship team at church, so a rapper I became...

I've been constantly perfecting my craft since I was sixteen years old; I've toured across the country, produced three full length mixtapes, and for most of that time I've been building this company as well!

In 2012 I started CMV after interning for the better part of a year with SlapFire Studios. I started out by offering my skills to any producer who needed a little flare in their mixes; after-all I'm not your average white-boy. After seeing how appreciated my work was I knew I could offer something very special to this industry!

People have compared my style and sound to Macklemore, Mac Miller, Eminem, Logic, and even Drake (oddly enough).. It's safe to say that I've got the versatility to bring your routines to a new heights!

Demo Track: